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Hydrology lab instructor and students


  • ENVE 4810 Engineering Hydrology

Hydrologic cycle: precipitation, interception, depression storage, infiltration, evaportranspiration, overland flow, snow hydrology, groundwater and streamflow processes. Stream hydrographs and flood routing. Hydrologic modeling and design. Computer applications. Design project.

  • ENVE 5810 Hydrometeorology

Global dynamics of aquatic distribution and circulation. Hydrologic cycle, atmospheric circulation, precipitation, interception, storage, infiltration, overland flow, distributed hydrologic modeling, and stream routing.

  • ENVE 5811 Hydroclimatology

Focuses on the physical principles underlying the spatial and temporal variability of hydrological processes. Topics include atmospheric physics and dynamics controlling the water/energy budgets; global water cycle, its dynamics, and causes of variability/changes; occurrence of drought and flood; climate teleconnections and their hydrological application; hydrological impact of global changes; quantitative methods in hydroclimatic analysis.