Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles

Lecturer and student in classroom

Our Vision

Lead cutting-edge research and dialogues that integrate stakeholders and community interests towards becoming a carbon-reduced society in the wake of environmental, social and political changes.

Our Mission

At CLEAN EARTH, our mission is to be a hub for university researchers, industry professional and government officials in the North East to create multi-faceted, equitable and sustainable decarbonization solutions that address the unique social, economic, environmental and infrastructural challenges.

Research Values and Guiding Principles

  • Effacacious partnerships
    • CLEAN EARTH is comprised of various stakeholders, by engaging in meaningful, strategic partnerships we seek to leverage the efficacy and readiness of our findings to be applied in policy and community applications
  • Engagement and inclusivity
    • The transition to a carbon-free society demands that voices of stakeholders and communities be heard, we target to capture and integrate all voices into our research framework and methods to ensure outcomes that are equitable.
  • Innovation and Dynanism
    • Our team is committed to innovative approaches and solutions. We work closely together within our pillars and as a team to strengthen individual disciplines and synergies between disciplines. Our team is constantly evolving as the nature of these real-time challenges demand.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

  • Develop frameworks that address multi-dimensional societal, political, geographical, environmental challenges
  • Serve as a hub for regional, national and international discussions
  • Foster the next generation of thinkers by engaging undergraduate and graduate student in this research
  • Strengthen community and stakeholder partnerships