We are dedicated to teaching courses that prepare our students to be part of the workforce that will address these issues. We invite you to browse (and enroll – if you’re a student!) the courses our CLEAN EARTH team provides.

Student demonstrate the use of computer bots

  • ENVE 5331 Predictive Analytics for Scientists and Engineers

Topics include exploratory data analysis, clustering, dimensionality reduction, classification and regression models, text mining, geospatial data processing and more. Individual in-depth data analysis projects. Some background in programming and statistics desired.

  • ECE 5510 Power System Analysis

Fundamentals of power system planning, operation, and management. Power generation and distribution. Modeling of AC generator, AC and DC motors, transformer and cable. Power flow solution. Modern power system monitoring/control, fault analysis, and transient stability analysis using computer tools. Use of power system simulation tools for power system planning and design.

  • ECE 8990/6095 Machine Learning for Power Systems

This class requires basic knowledge of power systems, probability theory, linear algebra, and calculus. Familiarity with a programming language such as Matlab or Python is preferred. Three hours lecture. This course will introduce various big data analytics/machine learning approaches and their applications in smart grid, allow students to use and implement machine learning methods to answer questions about power system operations and control, and choose appropriate methods based on objectives and datasets.