PIs and Co-PIs

Name Pillar Department Research Focus
Professor Emmanouil Anagnostou Emmanouil Anagnostou Principal Investigator, Climate/Extremes Civil and Environmental Engineering Satellite and radar remote sensing of precipitation, distributed hydrologic modeling of complex terrain floods, underwater passive aquatic listening observations, numerical weather prediction and data assimilation
Professor Marina Astitha Marina Astitha Climate/Extremes Civil and Environmental Engineering Atmospheric Physics, Dynamics and Chemistry (Regional and Global Modeling Systems), prediction of extreme weather events, improving wind prediction for offshore wind farms, integration of multi-media modeling systems using machine learning methods, uncertainties in atmospheric and air quality modeling systems
Professor Carol Atkinson-Palombo Carol Atkinson-Palombo People, Place and Policy Geography Geographical techniques such as GIS-based spatial analysis, statistical modelling, and qualitative methods to assess the impact of policies intended to promote sustainable cities, transportation sustainability
Professor Oksan Bayulgen Oksan Bayulgen People, Place and Policy Political Science Political economy of energy and democratization in the post-Soviet and the Middle East regions
Professor Diego Cerrai Diego Cerrai Climate/Extremes Civil and Environmental Engineering Weather-related electric power outage prediction, assessment of resilience investments on infrastructure, extreme weather events impact and analysis
Professor Robert Fahey Robert Fahey People, Policy and Place Natural Resources Forest complexity and ecosystem functioning, managing forests for resilience, disturbance interactions in forests, urban forest landscapes
Professor Lyle Scruggs Lyle Scruggs People, Policy and Place Political Science Comparative political economy, comparative welfare policy, comparative environmental politics and quantitative research methods
Professor Eleanor-Shoreman-Ouimet Eleanor Shoreman-Ouimet People, Policy and Place Anthropology Human-environment interactions, cross-cultural conservation practices, community response to natural hazards and the effects of climate change, and the links between culture, history, economics, environmental ethics and resource management
Professor Guiling Wang Guiling Wang Climate/Extremes Civil and Environmental Engineering Land-atmosphere interactions, surface Hydrology, climate variability, climate changes, climate impacts, ecosystem-climate interactions
Professor Junbo Zhao Junbo Zhao Physical/Technical Electrical and Computer Engineering Cyber-physical power system modeling, monitoring, uncertainty quantification, learning, dynamics, stability control, and cyber security with DERs